Unsex Me Here

People are sexual creatures. Such is a fact of observation. Before you read beyond this point, I need you to know my heart for the LGBTQ+ community. I believe the sexual revolution is immoral. I will explain that in a moment. I believe so strongly in the sanctity of human life, though, that I careContinue reading “Unsex Me Here”

Vaccination Ethics

COVID-19 in light of the Messiah- loving our neighbors The novel coronavirus has spun humanity into confusion. The human response, particularly in the United States, has further divided a people already split because of politics, social justice, and the current identity war. This season has been one of the more difficult to live like ChristiansContinue reading “Vaccination Ethics”

Welcome to LN

I have been burdened for a long time now about the state of American morality, especially concerning politics–rather, the inability of Americans to reason with others concerning their moral stances. Assertions and mere accusations do little to persuade or show a moral stance righteous. Since my life and ministry have been so public, I haveContinue reading “Welcome to LN”