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People are sexual creatures. Such is a fact of observation. Before you read beyond this point, I need you to know my heart for the LGBTQ+ community. I believe the sexual revolution is immoral. I will explain that in a moment. I believe so strongly in the sanctity of human life, though, that I care for all people despite their moral inadequacies. My theology demands that I consider others to be more important than myself and work for their good whether or not I agree with their lifestyles. Further, I believe Jesus came to call sinners to Himself, and I recognize myself as a worse sinner than anyone within any category that I might have to address in our current culture war. I don’t know how you define love, but I have a lovingkindness toward those of the LGBTQ+ persuasion even though I consider the movement wholly immoral.

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A word to the church of Jesus Christ before I philosophize. In 1 Corinthians 5, Paul rebukes immorality within the church body, instructing Christians to not associate with the immoral person. He clarifies, in verse 9, that he did not mean Christians should separate from the immoral people of the world, but merely from those who claim to be Christians but do not care to honor God with their lives. Paul actually calls Christians to be among the covetous, swindlers, and idolaters of the world who do not know Christ–not casting judgment on them because Christian judgment is a beautiful treasure reserved for the church. We are not to judge outsiders, here to mean hold them accountable for sin, because God will do so. The Christian, then, does not hold individuals outside the community of faith accountable to the church because they are outside the church. We know that God is just and will restore perfect justice to His earth in His perfect timing.

My argument, here, is presuppositional. I presuppose the existence of God. I presuppose that God created with intent. To know my presuppositions about human sex and gender, please watch the following sermon:

Preached on March 17, 2019 at The Church at Sunsites in Pearce, AZ.

The sexual revolution (not to be confused with individuals who might identify as homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, or queer) is concerning to me as a movement because of its general focus. A quick web search turned up 151,000,000 results. At the top of the results list was an article about how homophobia and transphobia affect workers in workplaces around the world. An academic search for the basic moral rightness or wrongness of self-identity turned up almost no results. The results that did turn up defended a moral obligation toward inclusivity and acceptance. Here, I have my most basic problem with the movement. Not much consideration has been given as to the rightness or wrongness of the thing being fought for. I’m not sure many people would even know how to begin defending sex or gender identity outside nature’s norm. The base defense seems to be a simple assertion. If anyone rejects the assertion, that person be damned rather than reasoned with–which is the very definition of bigoted, dogmatic religion. Since I don’t have an academic base to work from, I will address some of the assertions I have heard and what I have observed.

1) Meaning of pride. The world has its pride parades and celebrations. The celebration has gone beyond boasting in what an individual is, which is bad enough. Society today celebrates pride itself. Remove all the six-colored rainbows and all this talk about the sexual revolution. Pride as a basic concept is self-glorifying and self-interested at its most basic level. The same society that celebrates human pride maintains that pride comes before a fall–so long as it is talking about someone else’s pride. We are so quick to point out the splinter in someone else’s eye while ignoring the logs in our own. To maintain a pride-filled lifestyle is to seek after self to the detriment of all others. Pride kills community, inclusion, diversity, charity, and generosity. It is interesting how the pride movement claims inclusivity and diversity when it clearly rejects any ideology other than its own.

2) Oxymoronic love. To put pride and love together is like saying truth and morality are absolutely relative. Love cannot be prideful because love is self-sacrificing. The very idea that two people come together based on their own desires, preferences, and identities is contrary to sacrificial love. Whether I am heterosexual or homosexual, to get into a relationship based on my preferences I must refuse to consider what is good for anyone else. Further, if I change appearance in order to match my own preferences or self-identity, have I not acted in order to exalt myself to the neglect of everyone else? The celebration of pride has led now to quite the divisive epoch because we only care about our individual identities–vilifying anyone who might stand in the way of us getting what we want.

3) Absurd appeal to nature (or creation). “I was born this way” is an interesting sort of assertion since no one is born with the preferences he or she currently has. Neither is anyone born with disposition to self-identify as anything. It is interesting that the same generation which said, “I don’t like labels,” now tries to label everyone and force everyone to self-label. Even if someone were born self-identifying sexually or engendering him or her or itself, there is no logic to insist that we should stay the way we were born. Babies come from the womb unable to care for themselves, crying, and entirely selfish. As they grow, they rely less on others and, we hope, learn to care for others. No person begins this life caring for anyone but him or herself. Perhaps many never learn to deny themselves so they might actually love others.

4) Sexism reimagined. The movement that claims inclusivity and free love is, in reality, a more isolating and selfish movement than most realize–even those within the movement. In such a sexual and gender fluid atmosphere, there is respect for neither men nor women. Without measurable distinctions, the sexes and genders virtually disappear and no designation carries meaning whatsoever. Thus, the counter-productivity of the movement is made evident. The system collapses because the revolution destroyed both sexual and gender identity for everyone who bought it. The implosion made war against women and men, which is the most radical sexism I have ever witnessed.

5) Social darwinism. I think about countries in which there are no lawful distinctions between sexes, genders, or races. Fluidity returns civilized countries to the dark-ages prior to any talk of civil or social rights (or rather, liberties). Fluidity, because it allows for self-identification, removes all of the protections women and minorities have fought for in the United States. The result? Survival of the fittest and dominance of the strong. What do we expect when a man identifies as a woman and demands equal rights? Athletics are no longer for women. Real, biological women, become oppressed despite all the progress we have really made to the contrary. The new interpretation of the equality act essentially makes equality impossible because non-distinction logically leads to social darwinism–the very thing equal rights protections guarded against. What we are seeing now is regress, and the women and minorities will suffer even though they are the ones being verbally exalted. The movement is one of the most blatant hypocrisies I have seen in my lifetime.

6) Comparison to the civil rights movements of the past. Liberation is all I hear, but the movement sure has seemed to enslave so many people such that they feel they need to fit themselves into society’s molds. I have heard it compared to the civil rights movements of our nation’s great history, but, alas, it is the opposite since it restores the rule of darwin rather than equity by effectively removing the ability of entire groups to exercise equally with others. Activism has evolved so much that we now fight for that which deactivates it. The push is nothing short of strange. After all, this is the twenty-first century and I am unsure why modern movements think it best to transport us back several thousand years to such a barbaric way of life–survival of the fittest… I am unsure why we would even think to promote such movements that criminalize equality and protection.

The truth about progress

You may not know this, so I am going to make it known. Life is not sex, regardless of what Freud or Robert California asserted. When people worship sex, society raises revolutionaries like Hugh Hefner and Larry Flint–who fought for feminists and sexual liberty so they could abuse women and use sexual freedom to profit. In their cases, sexual liberty conceived the porn industry. With each new sexual revolution, the porn industry expands. Like Robert California, big tech CEOs continue to defend sexual revolution because they can sell it[1]. As sexual liberation increases, so does trafficking and grooming and the abuse of women, girls, and boys[2]. The sexual revolution is not about love but dominance. It is led not by people who wish to self-identify in their pursuit of happiness but by big tech as it manipulates people according to their sexual desires. From this I learn one important thing–If I am hell-bent on getting what I want, I can be easily manipulated by flattery and enslaved by misappropriated words like “liberty” or “revolution.” In the case of sexual revolution, I am afraid the flag people unite under is a flag that lords its authority over them and declares war on people who really care. It is not a flag of liberation. People are wearing red to fit right in, not because they love their countrymen.

Further, gender dysphoria and sex confusion are forms of mental illness that correlate to high frequencies of other mental illnesses in the dysphoric population[3]. There is a reason that no matter how liberated people become, they still struggle about something as basic as identity. All people, in fact, seem to struggle with identity. Maybe we shouldn’t let society define our categories. Self-identifying is so unnatural and causes more self-harm than good. If I am ill and choose to justify my illness rather than get well, I will only derogate.

We have also gone beyond self-justification. We are allowing society to place our children into its made-up categories. The sexual revolution has now normalized the sexualization of minors and bamboozled parents into changing their children according to the sexual preferences of the world. I can prove to you that children cannot be transgender by revealing one fact: They did not invent the categories. Society told them how to identify and they did–like children do. I explained to my 3-year-old that he is a male because he has a penis, and he believes me. He believes me when I say he cannot grow up to be a dinosaur because biology doesn’t work that way. One type of animal cannot grow into another. We cannot be anything we want. He believes me because he is a child. Likewise, every child believes what he or she is taught until he or she is taught to question it. We do not have the preferences we have from the moment we are born. We learn to have them. We see the categories, decide where we want to fit, and our preferences follow. Base desire does not deal with categories or identity. It deals with pleasure and satisfaction–the need to be fulfilled. Further, the shaping of our preferences is lifelong, placid, moveable[4]. In short, we portray ourselves as who we want to be. We suffer identity crises because society shapes us and we change.

Concerning the sexual revolution:

  • The movement is built on assertions rather than scholarship.
  • The movement is actually bigoted and dogmatic, even though it often uses those terms to assault anyone who questions its assertions (even reasonably).
  • The movement encourages people to be selfish rather than actually love others.
  • The overall movement is harmful to society, especially women, girls, and boys.

The very things that people in the movement purport to defend are the things it destroys, all in the name of self. That’s called a bait and switch.

My appeal to homosexual, bisexual, transexual, and queer individuals

I want to ask you not to mistake my distaste for the sexual revolution as apathy for you. My heart goes out to you. I care for you. I am sorry no one took the time to tell you the truth about society’s false categories. I am sorry you haven’t been free to simply be rather than being confined to the categories that have been invented for you. I love my son enough not to hand him over to his preferences, else he would only eat cereal and ice-cream and never be a healthy adult. Many of you will not accept this truth. Many of your parents were so afraid to lose you that they handed you over to the preferences forced on you by society. I beg you to hear this. Life is not about your preferences. You don’t have to fit into those categories. The more we seek to justify ourselves, the more we harm everyone else and feed wretched industries that prey on our selfish desires. Those who wish to save their lives must first lose them.


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