You Can’t Legislate Morality

Legislation Nation is a blog about the state of morality in the United States from the Oval Office to Tent City. Send your questions about current legislation, trends, advancements, and moral concerns.

Legislation Nation Core Values

Freedom of Speech and Separation of Church and State

While this blog is not political, per se, it is a moral commentary about the state of affairs in the United States. We will not endorse candidates or tell people how to vote. We are dedicated to considering the morality of the major trends in the United States.


This blog is neither Republican nor Democrat. We hold to the Bible alone as our moral authority. We have reasonable contributors from both sides of the political aisle.

Commitment to Reason

We do not jump on political bandwagons, legitimize political cults, or commit the sin of hasty generalization. We are interested in substance rather than assertions. We do not caricature certain points of view. We provide justification for our own moral claims.

What is ethics?

Ethics is the study of morality. Someone’s ethic determines what he or she believes right and wrong, how he or she interprets the biblical laws, how he or she participates in politics, and whether he or she identifies as conservative or liberal (or somewhere in between).

Before the Civil War, Christians debated as to whether it was ethical to keep slaves. Christians on both sides of the debate used Scripture to defend their positions. Was freedom so important that Christians needed to put the lives of their slaves at risk in order to support freedom? Some claimed freedom was important enough to risk safety because God created all people equal. Others claimed that safety was important enough to keep their slaves–they treated their slaves like family–because they were to love their neighbors.

The debate is age-old. Is freedom important enough to risk safety? Or, should we love our neighbors more by limiting freedom? Our answers depend on our ethic, and Scripture can be used to defend either position if we find the correct verses.

We live in a time when, in the United States, liberty is being sacrificed in the name of safety. We live in a time when big government is being used to regulate more than any time in recent history (at least the last 32 years). We live in a time when abortion is justified by the health and economic crises we face as a nation. On all sides of the equation, people claim to love and honor the most-high God. Our current crisis is moral. Our current Civil War is a war of moral ideals. Perhaps this blog will be a voice of reason. We are not here to fire metaphorical (or literal) shots, lob grenades, or riot. We are not here to conspiricize. We are here to think critically about modern issues related to morality.


Help people think critically about moral issues in the United States.

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